Women in the Judiciary

Women Judges in the Rotunda of the New York County Courthouse

A photograph like this would not have been possible ten years ago. Mayors, governors and Presidents are appointing more women judges, and more women are being elected to judgeships. Although women have yet to reach parity in numbers with men judges, the trend is in the right direction as this picture shows.

1st Row Left to Right
Lorraine Miller,
Eileen Rakower,
Judith J. Gische,
Jacqueline Silbermann,
Barbara Kapnick,
Karla Moskowitz,
Marylin G. Diamond,
Louise Gruner Gans,
Debra Freeman,
Analisa Torres

2nd Row Left to Right
Miriam Cedarbaum,
Denise Cote,
Laura Taylor Swain,
Saralee Evans,
Sherry Heitler,
Carol Arber,
Joan Lobis,
Ellen Coin

3rd Row Left to Right
Carol Huff,
Shira A. Scheindlin,
Micki A. Scherer,
Helen Freedman,
Judy Harris Kluger,
Donna Mills,
Laura Drager,
Marcy Friedman,
Felice Shea

4th Row Left to Right
Paula J. Omansky,
Eileen Bransten,
Sheila Abdus-Salaam,
Marilyn Shafer,
Debra James,
Beverly Cohen,
Shirley Fingerhood,
Phyllis Gangel-Jacob,
Jane Solomon
Photograph: Teodors Ermansons


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