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Permanent off-site storage program.

Recently the Diamond Law Library started a permanent offsite storage program for lesser used items.

The initial move of materials from the basement to an off-site storage space is virtually finished. This material comprises pre-1979 legal treatises from the US and major common law jurisdictions. Before the move we culled from that group all items which had circulated at least three times in the last ten years. We have also been giving the material one last review before sending it out, and are keeping on site additional material which, although it hasn't circulated out of the library, would be awkward to use from an off-site facility, such as multi-volume sets and selected government documents.

We are also going to move off-site one small sub-section of the International Law collection which had already been moved from the 2nd floor to the cellar as they were low use items. These are mostly older books on international relations peripheral to international law. As with the treatises, we are keeping here multi-volume sets and anything that has circulated 3 or more times.

The records in Pegasus will clearly show which items are off-site. To request retrieval of a book, you can ask at the reference desk or fill out the form at in this website. Items requested before 1:30 P.M. will be available the next day. Call the Circulation Desk at 854-3922 to inquire as to whether your item has arrived.

This initial stage, which will encompass about 65,000 volumes, will be all we will move off-site for the next two to three years. After that we expect to be send roughly 10,000 - 12,000 volumes a year into the one-day retrieval storage program. This roughly matches our acquisitions rate.

The Greene Hall library space was designed to accommodate about 700,000 volumes. We now have over a million volumes in the collection, so you can understand why we've had to turn to off-site storage.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to let me know.


Kent McKeever
Director of the Library